Common Causes Of Thermistor Failure

May. 22, 2021

Common Causes Of Thermistor Failure

Thermistors are found in hairdryers, refrigerators, and cars, so they must work properly. They are used as temperature sensors, and they are also very useful for protecting current. What happens when the thermistor starts to show inaccurate readings?

To determine whether a thermistor is broken, you can monitor two different things. It will help you find incorrect readings or temperature fluctuations, which are impossible under normal working conditions. There are several factors that can cause such drastic changes in temperature, but it can also be a thermistor failure.

When you are driving, have you noticed that your air conditioner blows cold for a while, and then it stops working? The thermistor inside the vehicle's HVAC system is designed to automatically adjust the temperature, but when the thermistor fails, the system may work intermittently.

The most common cause of thermistor failure is an open circuit, which is caused by the mechanical separation between the lead material and the resistive element. This is caused by improper handling, thermal damage, and thermal mismatch. Over time and use, the thermistor can display incorrect temperature. In many cases, it is recommended to replace old, failing equipment.

How to know if the thermistor is bad?

In most cases, it is easy to know when the thermistor needs to be replaced. When a thermistor fails, it will display the incorrect temperature, or you will see impossible temperature fluctuations. For example, you might get a reading of 210 degrees Fahrenheit at first, then see the temperature drop to 189 degrees Fahrenheit, and then bounce back. Although other problems may be at play, if this happens frequently, the thermistor is likely to fail.

The working principle of the thermistor in the automotive AC system is very similar to that of the small thermistor in electronic products-but on a larger scale. They measure the temperature and send a resistance signal to the AC control module to let the system automatically adjust to keep the cabin at the temperature you set. The symptoms of thermistor failure are slightly different. When the thermistor in the car fails, the AC system will blow out cold air for a short time, or the blower will stop working normally.

What causes the thermistor failure?

Usually, the thermistor failure is due to an open circuit caused by the mechanical separation between the resistance element and the lead material. This may be caused by improper handling, thermal mismatch, or thermal damage. Another common cause of thermistor failure is aging. Over time, the thermistor circuit becomes more and more inaccurate, displaying incorrect temperature. In this case, it is easiest to choose alternatives.

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