Thermistor in Electric Kettle

Apr. 29, 2022

Water is the origin of everything. People drink water every day. Electric kettles are a must-have item in almost every household. You only need to pour water into the electric kettle and press the switch. Then, after the water is boiled, the switch of the electric kettle will automatically bounce to turn off status, and there is no need for anyone to watch it. This design greatly facilitates our life. Thinking about the past when the electric kettle was not created, we used gas to boil hot water to drink. To use gas to boil hot water, someone must be watching, otherwise the water inside will easily dry out and it may cause a fire.

Why does the switch of the electric kettle bounce automatically when the water is boiled? The key lies in the thermistor. A thermistor is a type of linear element, a resistor made of a special material semiconductor, which is characterized by being sensitive to temperature, and its resistance value will change with the change of temperature. Thermistors are divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistors (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistors (NTC) according to different temperature coefficients. The positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) has a larger resistance value when the temperature is higher, and the negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) has a lower resistance value when the temperature is higher. They are both semiconductor devices.

Thermistor in Electric Kettle

Due to its high sensitivity, wide operating temperature range, small size, good stability and strong overload capacity, thermistors can not only be used as measuring components, but also as control components and circuit compensation components, and are widely used in household appliances, electric power industry, communication, military science, aerospace and other fields.

The thermistor of the electric kettle will cause the temperature of the element to rise after the current passes through the element during operation. When the temperature exceeds the specified temperature range, the resistance will increase, and the increase in resistance will limit the increase of the current or reduce the output of the current to avoid overflow or water drying out.

It can be seen that thermistors improve our lives and provide convenience for our lives. In fact, not only thermistors, but also other capacitors such as safety capacitors, super capacitors, etc., also facilitate our lives.

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