The Advantages of Varistors

Jun. 09, 2021

     Varistor is a common electronic component. With the development of science and technology, the application field of varistorsisbecoming more and more extensive. But do you know what advantages of varistors make them so widely used?Hopefully this articlewill be helpful to everyonewho wants to have a better understanding about varistors.

     Varistor is abbreviated as VDR, which is a kind of non-linear transient surge voltage protection component sensitive to voltage. The response time of the varistor is ns, which is faster than that of gas discharge tube and slightly slower than that ofTVS tube. In general, varistors' response speed of the transientprotection for electronic circuits can meet the requirements. The junction capacitance of a varistor is generally in the range of several hundred to several thousand Pf. In many cases, varistoris not suitable to be directly used in the protection of high-frequency signal lines. When it is used in the protection of AC circuits, because its junction capacitance is large, it will increase leakage. Current needs to be considered when designing the protection circuit.

     Advantages of Varistors:

① Since the varistor arrester does not require a series gap, it has a simple structure, small size and light weight.

② Stable performance. Since the varistor arrester has no gap, there is no problem that the gap discharge voltage is affected by external factors, and there is no gap discharge dispersion and misoperation.

③Easy to manufacture, suitable for automated mass production.

④It can easily made intoDC arrester. Because it has no gap, no arc, and has good nonlinear resistance characteristics, the difficulty of manufacturing DC arresters can be easily overcome.

⑤ Good protection performance. The protective performance of the varistor arrester has nothing to do with the discharge voltage of the gap, and is only determined by the impulse residual pressure of the valve plate. The residual pressure of the zinc oxide valve plate is low, so the protection performance is good.

⑥Able towithstand multiple lightning strikes. After the lightning current passes through the metal oxide arrester, there is no power frequency current, so the energy passing through the arrester is greatly reduced, so it can withstand multiple lightning strikes.

Do You Know these Advantages of Varistors?cid=4

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