Are Capacitors with Smaller Capacitance Tolerance Better

Jan. 15, 2022

Film capacitors are capacitors in which metal foil is used as an electrode, and plastic films such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate are overlapped from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical structure. We know that there is tolerance for capacitance of film capacitors, but is the smaller the deviation from the rated capacitance, the better? Read this article to learn.

First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of film capacitors.

Performance characteristics of film capacitors:

1) Maintain stable capacitance characteristics against temperature changes;

2) Good withstand voltage performance, suitable for high voltage applications;

3) Low loss, so the heat of the product itself is suppressed, and energy saving can be realized;

4) It has keen high frequency characteristics and good filtering purpose;

5) High ripple current tolerance and high current density per unit volume;

6) It has self-recovery function;

7) No maintenance required for more than 10 years under high temperature environment;

Is the smaller the deviation from the rated capacitance, the better?

If the capacitance requirements are extremely high, we’ll need to select among superior film capacitors, and the price will naturally be higher, so from the perspective of cost, it does not mean that the smaller the capacitance error, the better.

In fact, many circuits do not have high requirements for the capacitance tolerance of film capacitors. For applications such as bypass, coupling or unrequired timing and general delay, you can choose K-range capacitors, that is, film capacitors with 10% tolerance. For more demanding applications, you can choose a film capacitor with a tolerance of ±5%.

Are Capacitors with Smaller Capacitance Tolerance Better

The capacitance tolerance of film capacitors is usually ±5%, which meets the requirements of most circuits. If the circuit does not require high capacitance accuracy, you can choose ±10% film capacitors. If you don't understand the selection, you can consult an experienced manufacturer to understand and choose the appropriate one according to the actual circuit conditions.

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