Are Super Capacitors Superior Over Lithium Batteries

Oct. 11, 2021

With the development of electric vehicles, the markets for supercapacitors and lithium batteries are booming, many people have begun to propose the idea whether supercapacitors are better than lithium batteries. Based on this question, this article will analyze the advantages of supercapacitors and lithium batteries to help everyone get a better idea of the two.

Compared with lithium batteries, super capacitor energy storage devices have greater advantages. For lithium batteries, its energy storage form is converted from electrical energy to chemical energy and then to electrical energy, and there will be a certain energy loss. Moreover, the energy in the charging and discharging process of the supercapacitor is always electric energy, and the charging and discharging efficiency is high. The energy storage process has no chemical reaction and is reversible, so the charging and discharging time of supercapacitors is higher than that of lithium batteries.

Another point is that the density of supercapacitors is high, and it performs better in instantaneous dynamic characteristics and torque, and is suitable for solving the problem of starting and accelerating large electric vehicles. At high power density, it is easier to achieve high-power fast charging, and it only takes 10 seconds to 10 minutes to reach more than 95% of the rated capacity.

The protection of supercapacitors will be better than that of lithium batteries, because supercapacitors are physical energy storage, even in the case of a short circuit, there will be no liquid leakage, smoke, fire, rupture, and explosion. During the charging and discharging process,   there is small temperature rise in supercapacitors, so there is no need to worry about overheating. Moreover, the raw materials of super capacitors are pollution-free and are green energy storage devices that can easily meet environmental protection standards.

Both supercapacitors and lithium batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. The density and energy of supercapacitors is not as good as that of lithium batteries, and the volumetric energy density of supercapacitors is also lower than that of lithium batteries. Therefore, it is not appropriate to say that one capacitor is superior to another. It is more about how we use the advantages of each type of capacitors.

Are Super Capacitors Superior Over Lithium Batteries

The above content is the analysis of the advantages of supercapacitors and lithium batteries. Hopefully the content of this article is helpful to you.

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