What Would Happen Without A Varistor in the Circuit

Oct. 28, 2022

Circuits in electronic products are composed of metal wires, electrical and electronic components, and are paths for current to flow. Circuits can transmit, distribute and convert electrical energy, and transmit and process signals. There is a blue disc type component in the circuit, that is the varistor.

Varistor is a voltage-limiting protection device, which is often used in circuits and switching power supplies to protect against lightning and high-voltage peaks. It can suppress the abnormal overvoltage and transient voltage that often appear in the circuit, and protect the circuit from the damage of the overvoltage.

The varistor has nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics. When the circuit voltage is too large, the varistor can withstand overvoltage and clamp the voltage, absorb excess current in the circuit, and prevent voltage instability, so as to protect the circuit and the following components, prevent excessive current from causing damage to other power devices. The material used as a varistor is semiconductor, so the varistor is also a semiconductor resistor.

What Would Happen Without A Varistor in the Circuit

What would happen if there were no varistors in the circuit?

1. If the voltage in the circuit is too large, the current will also increase. If the current is too large, the circuit temperature will be too high.

2. When the voltage in the circuit is too large, the electronic components will be damaged, the working time of the electronic components will be shortened, and the electronic components need to be replaced, which increases the maintenance cost.

3. The higher the voltage in the circuit, the stronger the breakdown capability, which not only causes damage to electronic components, but also easily endangers the human body.

Circuits without varistors have unstable performance, and circuits and electronic components are easily damaged and short-circuited to cause fire. The varistor is equivalent to the air bag on the car. It is usually inconspicuous, and it plays a protective role at a critical moment. Therefore, it is still necessary to use a varistor for overvoltage protection in the circuit.

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