Why Should We Choose Good Ceramic Capacitors

Oct. 26, 2022

As the basic components of electronic equipment, capacitors are very important to electronic equipment, and the quality of capacitors also determines the quality of electronic equipment.

The dielectric of ceramic capacitors is a high dielectric constant ceramic material. The electrodes are silver-plated ceramic dielectric sintered at high temperature, and the shell is encapsulated with flame retardant epoxy resin.

Ceramic capacitors have a wide range of temperature coefficients, large specific capacitance, good moisture resistance, and low dielectric loss. They are widely used in electronic circuits. Why should we choose high quality ceramic capacitors when doing the purchase?

Why Should We Choose Good Ceramic Capacitors

The dangers of using poor quality ceramic capacitors:

1. Poor moisture resistance, increased moisture, increased leakage current, resulting in damage to electronic equipment;

2. The dielectric loss is large, and the use time of the capacitor is shortened, resulting in damage to the ceramic capacitor and breakdown, and damage to the electronic equipment;

3. Damage and burn of electronic equipment during use, and quality problems in electronic equipment will affect brand reputation and image.

When purchasing ceramic capacitors, manufacturers with production qualifications, on-site production bases, and after-sales service should be selected. The product quality of such capacitor manufacturers is guaranteed.

JYH HSU (or Dongguan Zhixu Electronics) not only has full models of ceramic capacitors with guaranteed quality, but also offers worry-free after-sales. JEC factories has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Welcome to contact us if you need samples.

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