Consequences of Improper Use of Supercapacitor

May. 24, 2023

Supercapacitors have many advantages and are suitable for many electronic products. They are important electronic components. However, when using supercapacitors, you must follow the instructions and requirements to install supercapacitors. Improper use of supercapacitors will also lead to the malfunction of the electronic products.

What should be paid attention to when using supercapacitors?

1. The supercapacitor should be used under the nominal voltage: When the supercapacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, it will cause the electrolyte to decompose, and at the same time, the supercapacitor will generate heat, the capacitance will decrease, and the internal resistance will increase, and the service time will be greatly reduced. In some cases, the performance of supercapacitors can collapse.

2.Supercapacitors cannot be used in high-frequency charging and discharging circuits. High-frequency rapid charging and discharging will cause internal heating of the supercapacitor, capacitance attenuation, and internal resistance increase.

3. The working environment of the supercapacitor should not be too high or too low. The working temperature range of the supercapacitor is 40℃~+70℃. When the temperature is lower than the normal temperature range of the supercapacitor, the performance of the supercapacitor will decline sharply, and the service time of the supercapacitor will also be greatly reduced.

Consequences of Improper Use of Supercapacitor

When the temperature is higher than the normal temperature range of the supercapacitor, the reaction rate of the supercapacitor is accelerated, the capacitance decays, and the supercapacitor will generate a lot of heat during operation. When the temperature is too high to dissipate, the supercapacitor will explode.

For the safety of electronic products and users, supercapacitors should be kept away from heat sources as far as possible, and away from extreme environments such as extreme cold and extreme heat.

Whether it is a supercapacitor or other electronic components, it should be installed in accordance with the requirements and instructions during use to play a role.

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