The Thermistor in the Electric Induction Cooker

May. 26, 2023

Thermistors are sensitive to temperature and can accurately reflect temperature changes. They are small in size, easy to process into complex shapes and good in stability, so they are widely used in electronic appliances that needs temperature measure and temperature control . Electric induction cooker is one of these electronic appliances.

The thermistor can sense the temperature change of the induction cooker, and can change the resistance value according to the temperature change. The thermistor converts the measured temperature into a voltage signal and transmits it to the controller. In this way, the controller can adjust the heating power according to the temperature change, so as to ensure that the food can be heated evenly, and the induction cooker will not be damaged by overheating and cause hidden dangers.

The Thermistor in the Electric Induction Cooker

The thermistor in the induction cooker plays a role in monitoring the temperature, adjusting the heating power, and protecting the personal safety of consumers.

If the induction cooker does not have a thermistor, can it still be used?

Although the induction cooker without thermistor can be used, there will be hidden dangers. The induction cooker does not have a thermistor to sense temperature changes, and the controller cannot sense the temperature, and adjusts the heating power according to the temperature change. If the heating power cannot be adjusted, the induction cooker will continue to heat, and the temperature exceeds the normal range of electronic products. The induction cooker is easily damaged and destroyed, causing fire and other dangers. So thermistor is a necessary component in induction cooker.

This article is provided by JYH HSU Electronics (Dongguan Zhixu Electronics), a Chinese manufacturer of electronic components such as capacitors and resistors.

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