Do You Know Thermistor?

Apr. 23, 2021

Do You Know Thermistor?

The thermistor is a resistance thermometer, or the resistance of a resistor depends on the temperature. This term is a combination of "thermal" and "resistor". It is made of metal oxide, pressed into a bead, disc, or cylindrical shape, and then wrapped with an impermeable material such as epoxy resin or glass.

There are two types of thermistors: negative temperature coefficient (NTC) and positive temperature coefficient (PTC). For NTC thermistors, when the temperature increases, the resistance decreases. Conversely, when the temperature decreases, the resistance increases. This thermistor is most used.

The working principle of PTC thermistors is a bit different. When the temperature increases, the resistance increases, and when the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases. This type of thermistor is usually used as a fuse.

Generally, the thermistor can achieve high accuracy in a limited temperature range of approximately 50ºC near the target temperature. This range depends on the base resistance.

The thermistor is a temperature sensing element sintered with semiconductor materials. Its purpose is to make the large change in resistance proportional to the small change in temperature.

This kind of resistance can measure the voltage drop generated by a small measured direct current, or dc, through the thermistor.

These solid-state temperature sensors are actually as sensitive to temperature as resistors. This is where the name "resistance" comes from. It is a clear combination of the words "thermal" and "resistor".

Generally speaking, thermistors are composed of sintered ceramics, which are composed of highly sensitive materials and have reproducible characteristics of constant resistance and temperature.

NTC thermistor is a non-linear resistor, and its resistance characteristics change with temperature. The resistance of NTC decreases with increasing temperature. The way the resistance decreases is related to a constant called beta or ß in the electronics industry.

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