How to Select Power Supply Capacitors

Jun. 15, 2021

     Capacitance parameter is also called "electric capacity", which refers to the amount of charge stored under a given potential difference, denoted as C, and the unit is farad (F). Generally speaking, electric charges move under force in an electric field. When there is a medium between conductors, the movement of electric charges is hindered and the electric charges accumulate on the conductors, resulting in accumulation and storage of electric charges. The amount of stored electric charge is called capacitance. Being widely used in DC blocking, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loops, conversion, and control circuits, capacitors are one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic devices.

     With the rapid development of scientific and technological products, people’s living standards continuing to improve, a large number of electronic devices enter the households. Because these devices have the risk of electric shock, fire, harmful radiation, chemical hazards, explosion and mechanical injury, in order to protect the lives and properties of users, the interests of consumers and promote enterprises to improve product quality, different nations have successively formulated standards for related products to minimize the above-mentioned risks and passed legislation to ensure the implementation of the standards. Accredited institutions recognize the electronic products that have passed the relevant inspections and recognizes that these products meet the relevant standards.

     But when choosing safety capacitors, there are actually many people who still don't know the difference between high voltage ceramic capacitors and safety capacitors. Safety capacitors are capacitors that must pass safety certification, generally including X and Y capacitors. Insulation level is the main considered factor. High-voltage ceramic capacitors are ordinary capacitors, which do not require safety approval, so they cannot be used before rectification, nor can they be connected to the power input terminal.

     When choosing a safety capacitor, be sure to find a regular manufacturer first, taking factors such as production equipment; R&D strength; whether safety certification is complete into consideration to ensure the quality of safety capacitors. A regular safety capacitors manufacturer with full models of safety capacitors and complete specifications can also provide reasonable assistance when choosing power supply capacitors.

     Dongguan Zhixu Electronics has been producing JEC brand safety capacitors and ceramic capacitors for 30 years. Our safety capacitors with complete safety certifications cover a wide range of specifications and models, and are produced on fully automatic production and testing lines. “Fast shipping, Seiko quality” is how we manufacture and market capacitors. Our ultimate aim is to protect people’s lives with science and technology

How to Select Power Supply Capacitors

     The above knowledge about capacitors is provided by the R&D department of Dongguan Zhixu Electronics Co., Ltd. (JEC). For more information, please visit the News section on our official websites.

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