Reasons Why Super Capacitors Are Used

Sep. 29, 2021

When we talk about supercapacitors, we may also think of batteries. Why do people prefer supercapacitors to supercapacitors than batteries. This article will talk about this.

In the field of natural energy collecting, the workflow of wind power generation is indispensable from hydraulic systems or batteries. Because each time the fan blades of the generator stop, the internal turbine will adjust the fan blades to the specified position. This process is called the variable pitch control system in wind power generation. The electrical energy required during the operation is provided by the hydraulic system or the batteries.

For the battery, the high intermittent work coupled with the perennial load, will cause its service life to be greatly reduced. For this reason, the wind turbine needs to be maintained every few years, and the maintenance and replacement of the battery is also a considerable expense.

Due to the advantages of fast charging and discharging and long cycle time, high-power supercapacitors can replace batteries for this job. Although the initial investment cost is high, it is cheaper than frequent maintenance and replacement of batteries, and this can also reduce work load.

Reasons Why Super Capacitors Are Used

Both supercapacitors and batteries have their own advantages. When we choose, we should choose the appropriate device according to the actual situation of the circuit. If you have no idea  which to choose, you can consult a formal manufacturer.

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