Summary Characteristics of Supercapacitors

Nov. 08, 2021

The development of new energy vehicles has not only driven the development of film capacitors, but also super capacitors. How much do you know about supercapacitors? This article summarizes some features of supercapacitors. Hopefully everyone will have a deeper understanding of supercapacitors after reading this article.

The capacitance of supercapacitors is much larger than that of ordinary capacitors. Because of its large capacitance and the same external performance as a battery, it is also called a "capacitor battery". Supercapacitors are electric double layer capacitors. Among the electric double layer capacitors that have been put into mass production, the basic principle is the same as other types of electric double layer capacitors. They are all electric double layers composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolyte. The structure obtains a large capacitance.

Features of Super Capacitors:

①The charging speed is fast, charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;

②Long cycle life, the number of deep charge and discharge cycles can reach 10,000 to 500,000 times, and there is no "memory effect";

③Strong high current discharge capability, high energy conversion efficiency, low process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥90%;

④High power density, up to 300W/KG~5000W/KG, equivalent to 5~10 times of battery;

⑤The product's raw material composition, production, use, storage and dismantling process are free of pollution, which is an ideal green and environmentally friendly power source; 

⑥The charging and discharging circuit is simple, no charging circuit like rechargeable batteries, high coefficient, long-term use and maintenance-free;

⑦Good ultra-low temperature characteristics, wide temperature range -40℃~+70℃;

⑧ Easy to check, the remaining battery can be read directly;

⑨The capacitance range is usually 0.1F-1000F. Farad, abbreviated as "F", the symbol is F. 1 Farad is when the capacitor stores 1 Coulomb of electricity, the potential difference between the two plates is 1 volt 1F = 1C/1V 1 Coulomb is the amount of electricity transported by 1A current in 1s, that is, 1C =1A·S. 1 coulomb = 1 ampere·second 1 farad = 1 ampere·second/volt;

Summary Characteristics of Supercapacitors

The above content is all about the characteristics of supercapacitors, which is why supercapacitors have its presence in many fields. When purchasing supercapacitors, it is advisable to look for reliable manufacturers. Reliable manufacturers can reduce many unnecessary troubles.

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