Quality Inspection of Finished Film Capacitors

Nov. 05, 2021

When purchasing film capacitors, you will find that in addition to the conventional models in the finished product inventory, some film capacitors that require custom sizes have a long cycle. This is also related to its process and quality inspection. This article helps you to understand the quality inspection of film capacitors. After the film capacitors are finished, how does the manufacturer conduct the quality inspection? There are two steps for testing film capacitors: manual and fully automatic sorting machine.

Automatic sorting machine to test the electrical properties of film capacitors:

Now, sampling film capacitors only needs to examine a few samples of the capacitors. A film capacitor automatic sorting machine is required to complete the examination. It can automatically check the open circuit, short circuit or defective products with large leakage current of the capacitor. The product is charged on the test conveyor chain test clamp for 60 seconds after charging. Perform leakage current performance test. Before testing the capacitance and loss angle of the product, there is a six-stage discharge function. The test results are divided into: good product, low capacity, high capacity, large loss angle, large leakage current and re-inspected product, six types of defective products The electromagnet is discharged into the corresponding material box. Through this machine, the film capacitors with poor electrical performance can basically be automatically sorted out.

The reason for a manual inspection is that some of the capacitors produced have normal electrical properties, but there will still be some defective products inside. Because many film capacitors are coated with epoxy resin powder, it is extremely prone to incomplete encapsulation due to air bubbles, and the capacitor core is exposed. Although there is no problem with its electrical performance, it is easy for humid air to enter the capacitor, and the service life of the capacitor will be shortened.

Quality Inspection of Finished Film Capacitors

Reliable film capacitor manufacturers will pay attention to the quality of the finished products, and constantly carry out quality inspections and screenings in the process to ensure that consumers receive flawless products. If you don’t know how to choose film capacitors, Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) should be a good choice for you.

JEC has a full range of varistor and capacitor models with guaranteed quality. JEC has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification; JEC safety capacitors (X capacitors and Y capacitors) and varistors have passed national certifications of the main industrial powers across the world; JEC ceramic capacitors, film capacitors and super capacitors are in compliance with environmental protection indicators. We have over 30 years of manufacturing experience. If you have technical questions or need samples, please contact us.

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