How to Test the Quality of Thermistor

Nov. 10, 2021

Thermistor is a sensor resistor whose resistance value changes with temperature. According to the temperature coefficient, it is divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC thermistor) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC thermistor). This article share two methods about how to test the thermistor: room temperature test method and heating test method.


Room Temperature Test

When the indoor temperature is close to 25℃, adjust the position of the analog multimeter to the electrical barrier, and select the multimeter according to the nominal resistance on the resistor (the thermistor's nominal resistance is marked on the surface of the resistor by a direct marking method) (such as "R×1k" block), and then connect the red and black test leads of the multimeter to the two pins at both ends of the thermistor to measure its resistance. Normally, the measured resistance should be close to the nominal resistance of the thermistor (Normally the difference between the two should be within ±2Ω. If the measured resistance is far from the nominal value, it means that the resistance performance of the thermistor is poor or the  thermistor has been damaged.


Heating Test

On the basis of normal temperature test, the second step of test can be carried out, that is, heating test. Place a heat source (such as an electric soldering iron, a hair dryer, etc.) near the thermistor to heat it, and observe whether the indicated resistance value of the multimeter pointer increases (or decreases) with the increase in temperature. If so, the thermistor is normal; If there is no change in the resistance value, the thermistor performance is poor or the thermistor has been damaged.


How to Test the Quality of Thermistor

The above content is about to check the quality of the thermistor. Hopefully the content of this article can help you. To purchase thermistors, you should choose a regular manufacturer.


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