Why Are Safety Capacitors Used on PC Power Supply

Sep. 19, 2022

The development of science and technology has improved people's living standards. The era we live in is the era of electronic information. The appearance of the computer greatly facilitates our work. Personal computers not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves a lot of time and energy.

A computer is a must for office work. Without a computer, many tasks cannot be completed. For example, it takes a lot of time and energy to manually input data and materials, and it is easy to make mistakes.

However, have you found such a problem, the computer may flicker after using it for a long time, and suddenly black screen and blue screen, etc.. These problems are usually caused by computer signal interference and inferior power supply, because computer monitors are easily affected by strong electric fields or strong magnetic fields, as a result, the screen will flicker from time to time. If the components used in the power supply of the computer are poor in workmanship and materials, the circuit of the computer may be easy to fail. And these problems can be solved with capacitor safety capacitors.

Why Are Safety Capacitors Used on PC Power Supply

Safety capacitors are capacitors with safety characteristics, which can protect switching power supplies, electronic circuits, and ensure the safety of users and maintenance personnel. When the safety capacitor of the electronic product fails, the internal charge is rapidly discharged, and people will not feel electric shock after touching, will not cause electric shock, and will not pose a threat to personal safety.

The role of safety capacitors in the power supply is to suppress electromagnetic interference, remove electromagnetic interference, and protect electronic circuits. Safety capacitors are divided into safety X capacitors and safety Y capacitors. Safety X capacitors are connected between the two power lines (L-N) to remove differential mode interference; safety Y capacitors are connected respectively across the two power lines and between the ground (L-E, N-E), generally appearing in pairs; the function is to remove common mode interference, in addition to prevent leakage. On the power supply of the computer case, you can see there are safety capacitors on the PCB circuit.

With safety capacitors, the probability of computer splash screen and black screen will be greatly reduced. However, safety capacitors may be damaged if used for a long time. It is still necessary to regularly check and replace safety capacitors to ensure the normal operation of the electrical appliances.

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