How Much Do You Know About CBB Capacitors

Sep. 21, 2022

What is a CBB capacitor? What is the role of CBB capacitors? Beginners in the electronic component industry may know film capacitors, but they may not necessarily know what is a CBB capacitor.

CBB capacitors are polypropylene capacitors, also known as PP capacitors. In CBB capacitors, metal foil is used as electrodes, polypropylene film is used as dielectric, and tinned copper-clad steel wires are used as pins. The inductive or non-inductive CBB capacitors are encapsulated with epoxy resin with good flame retardant performance to prevent explosion and damage to capacitors and electrical appliances due to excessive temperature during operation. The CBB in the CBB capacitor is polypropylene, which refers to the dielectric material of the capacitor.

Polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene and other plastic films are the materials that make up film capacitors. They are used as dielectrics of film capacitors. The dielectrics are different from metals and generally have high resistivity. Therefore, CBB capacitors are a type of film capacitors.

Film capacitors are a big family. Among capacitors, there are many types of film capacitors. Common CBB capacitors in film capacitors include CBB21 capacitors, CBB81 capacitors, and CBB20 capacitors. The capacitance range is wide, ranging from 1000PF to 10UF, and the rated voltage range is wide, between 63V~2000V.

Features of CBB Capacitors:

1. Small volume, large capacitance and small dielectric loss;

2. Non-polar, high insulation resistance, good frequency characteristics;

3. Excellent electrical properties, high dielectric constant and good stability.

How Much Do You Know About CBB Capacitors

CBB capacitors can replace most polystyrene or mica capacitors for demanding circuits. Therefore, CBB capacitors are used in circuits with high requirements such as bypass, coupling, resonance, filtering, and pulse circuits, and are also used in various electronic precision instruments, various small electronic equipment, and household appliances.

This is the CBB capacitor. Compared with other film capacitors, it has its own characteristics and advantages. When choosing CBB capacitors, pay attention to the application scenarios can help you better use them.

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