How Is The Leakage Current In Ceramic Capacitors Formed

Sep. 18, 2023

Have you ever experienced being shocked while using electronic devices? This is often caused by a quality issue within electronic products that results in current leakage, known as leakage current. In the absence of external circuits, due to the distortion of the electric field inside the insulating material of electronic products or the intrinsic leakage of the material itself, charges can leak from one electrode to another, generating leakage current. The presence of leakage current can affect circuit performance, and it needs to be considered and controlled during circuit design.

Ceramic capacitors, as important electronic components, are made of high dielectric constant ceramic materials as dielectrics, with electrodes made of silver plated onto ceramic and sintered at high temperatures to form disk-shaped capacitors. They are characterized by high dielectric constant, high voltage resistance, low loss, and compact size, making them widely used in various circuits.

Ceramic capacitors can also exhibit leakage current during use. Let's explore why ceramic capacitors experience leakage current:

JEC Safety Y Capacitor.png

Issues with the Dielectric Material of Ceramic Capacitors:

The main component of ceramic capacitors is the dielectric material, which, due to manufacturing limitations and the inherent characteristics of ceramic capacitor production processes, may not be completely insulating. Non-uniform dielectric material can lead to the generation of leakage current.

Surface Contamination of Ceramic Capacitors:

The space between the two electrodes of a ceramic capacitor is narrow. If the surface of the ceramic capacitor becomes contaminated with dust, oil, or other substances, and if cracks or fissures develop on the surface, it can lead to current flowing out through these cracks and generating leakage current. In severe cases, this can result in local explosions or fires.

The occurrence of leakage current in ceramic capacitors can have an impact on the performance of circuits and electronic products, rendering them unusable. To avoid situations where ceramic capacitors experience leakage, it's essential to choose high-quality ceramic capacitors with quality assurance to reduce unnecessary risks and losses.

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